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Experience Wilmslow Treasures with Minibus Manchester

Wilmslow and the adjacent areas are notorious for being home to some of the big celebrities and millionaires in town. This posh living residential area is inhabited by top notch business men, premier league players, and various household names in the entertainment industry. A simple tour of the place will give you an idea as to why this neighbourhood is a great place to live in. Our fully serviced fleet of vehicles along with our team of professional, licensed and experienced drivers can help you navigate this posh town. Book your travel with Minibus Manchester via our user friendly online booking system for a fun explorative travel of Wilmslow and all its treasures that include:

Minibus Taxi to The Quarry Bank Mill

Founded back in 1784 by Samuel Greg, the Quarry Bank Mill has continued its commercial production until the year 1959. The mill is situated in a small village of Styal, a few minutes away from Wilmslow town center and is currently under the care of the National Trust. Suffice it to say, the National Trust has done a good job of maintaining the mill making it one of the best well preserved textile mills from the industrial revolution era. A walk through the mill is a walk through memory lane, as you get to see demonstration of some of the first spinning wheels and other machines all the way through the years to more current loud mechanical machines. There are also plenty of DIY exhibitions and information boards that help you gain a little more insight into the cotton mill.

Minibus taxi to Gardens at Quarry Bank Mill

Cotton spinning is not all you will be doing at the Quarry Bank Mill. You can also explore the luscious gardens filed with many colourful species of flowers and trees that are present throughout the year. There is a small cave situated in the midst and at the peak of the garden carved out in stunning red sandstone within which you can go for an explorative expedition. The gardens serve as a great spot for picnic with family or a loved one right next to the river banks. In addition you can visit the adjacent Apprentice house, take a stroll through the green grounds and gardens, or even visit the nearby village of Styal. You can get a joint ticket for the Quarry Bank mill, the Apprentice House and Gardens at the ticketing office that is across the road from the mill.

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Norcliffe Chapel

Built back in 1823 by Samuel Greg, the Norcliffe Chapel was frequented by the mill workers. It is claimed that the mill workers picked their own minister to run the chapel and initially it was a Baptist church that later changed to become Unitarian, which it still is to date. The church was renovated back in 1867 and a stunning porch added. The chapel has become a popular place for weddings and often booked well in advance.

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