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Explore Stalybridge with Minibus Manchester

If you are looking for quiet walks on wooded valleys, tranquil riversides, stunning scenery and the benefits that come with a bustling commercial center, look no further than Stalybridge. Our Minibus Manchester hire service can help you to explore this city with much ease. With a simple click on your computer, our website is the gateway to all things regarding fares, and suitable rents for your chosen destination. Our vehicle fleets are driven with top notch navigation and always observe the schedule. Here are a few Staylybridge attractions that we would be glad to help you discover and even explore further.

Stamford Park

This stunning park is conveniently located in the historic boundary of Staylybridge and Ashton under Lyne. This also serves as the boundary of Cheshire and Lancashire. Stamford Park was opened in 1873; however this was after years’ worth of debating over funds and the location for the park. Back in the day, the park occupied a lot smaller space which has since then been added in bits over the years as well as addition of numerous historical monuments and sculptures. The park is particularly convenient for a family outing featuring several winding footpaths, a behemoth safe playground where children can play, various playing fields for sport enthusiasts or those who just want to unwind with simple games, botanical gardens for relaxing walks, and bowling green. There is plenty for everyone.

A few meters from the park there is a large boating lake, which is also part and parcel of the park and over the summer, you and your family can enjoy boat rides around the lake. The park has undergone lots of reconstruction over the years, in order to accommodate more structures primarily to hold and promote art and cultural artifacts. The park is open from 8AM to 8PM, plenty of time to explore all its gems.

Memorial Gardens

Take a walk down memory lane literally by visiting the peaceful Memorial Gardens within Staylybridge, which lie across either sides of the Trinity Street near the Victoria Bridge. The street is lined with walls that are engraved with the names of brave soldier who lost their lives in the two world wars. On either side there are beautiful flower beds and a few benches sprawled out across to sit and enjoy the view. There are big Lion statues on either sides of the Victoria Bridge, perhaps a sign of the bravery of the soldiers for which the garden is commemorative of. While there you can also enjoy a stroll of the Victoria Bridge underneath which the River Thames flows.

Country Park

This park is located a few minutes’ drive from the town center. It is a popular park for joggers, cyclists and ramblers looking to enjoy the peaceful luscious green walkways and canals. It’s also a perfect place to walk your pet.

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