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If you are looking to unwind, why don’t you visit the ever vibrant city of Salford, which offers a facilitating history and a promising future? Our firm, Minibus Manchester can help you navigate this magical city that is located a few miles next to Manchester within the very heart of England’s North West. The area promises lots of heritage, culture, stunning scenery, arts, relaxing spots and shopping to last just about every day of the week. Take a look at our online hustle free booking system to book your package now and see some of Salford’s great gems which include:

Minibus to The Lowry Art and Entertainment

The Lowry Art and Entertainment complex was established in April 2000, and has since then attracted tonnes of art enthusiasts and curious visitors to its doors. This complex is located on the tranquil waterfront of the Manchester ship canal. It houses two theaters, a big studio space, and various galleries that feature lots of work by LS Lowry and plenty more contemporary exhibitions. This is a must see site that offers something for everyone be it international visitors or members of the local community. What is even more interesting is that it is free of charge to look through the impressive artworks by LS Lowry and other great artists like impressionist painter Adolphe Valette. However, giving donations is encouraged in order to maintain this true piece of art in its high stature.

Minibus to The Quays

The quays formerly referred to as the Salford Docks, which were part of the Manchester Docks, were opened back in 1894 by her Majesty Queen Victoria. The docks were the busiest in the country until a decline in activity in the 1970s, which in turn led to their closure in 1982. Soon thereafter, private investors, the Salford city council, and the government pooled their funds and made developmental plans that saw the rejuvenations of the old docks to the currently Quays. Within the Quays, key citing were added including The Lowry, Imperial War Museum North, and more recently the MediaCity UK. There is also a Lowry Outlet shopping mall and lots of hotels and residential areas sprawled across the dock’s piers. There is no denying that The Quays is very much a tourist attraction by its own right with plenty on offer for visitors to see. Minibus Manchester fleet of vehicles can help you and your family to navigate all these sites much better and with maximum comfort.

Minibus to Ordsall Hall

This is a great place to visit with your family, as it offers plenty of educational programs for kids and plenty to see for the adults. The hall itself is a restored Tudor house with half timber structures still holding the theater in place. A few rooms within the hall also feature some of the original furniture and even decorations that the original house held before its restoration to the symbol it is today. Some have claimed that the hall is haunted. There is a small gallery which showcases artwork by local artists.

With our Minibus Manchester fleet of buses, we will provide you with excellent tours across Salford at pocket friendly prices. Contact us today using our phone line, or online through our website. We can provide a Chinese Tour  guide an Indian Tour guide a Vietnamese  Tour guide in Salford .