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Sale Manchester Bus Tour with Minibus Manchester

Sale is one of the interesting places in Manchester you can visit. It is suitable for both individuals and families. Here are some of the most interesting places you can go to when you take our executive Minibus Manchester bus tour.

Minibus To Walkden Gardens

Take a bus tour with Minibus Manchester to Walkden gardens, one of the finest gardens in Sale Manchester. It is sometimes referred to as ‘The Maze’ or ‘The Secret’. Perhaps they call it ‘The Secret’ because there are people in Sale who have not discovered this beautiful gem.

The gardens are named after one Harry Walkden. He built a house now referred to as ‘The Raft’. The original house he lived in still exists to date. The gardens are on 5 acres piece of land. There are lots of beautiful plant houses here.

Minibus To The Vine

This is an interesting place to visit for sports fan. The Vine is a sports bar that has multiple big screen TVs that show football matches from around the world. It is located in 133 Washway road. This is an ideal place to stop over, especially if you are visiting for the first time. Drinks and lunch are served here by very friendly staff.

The Steamhouse

This is one of the newer pubs in Sale. It also happens to be one of the best. You’ll enjoy a good selection of beers. They have real ales, local beers and more than 100 beers from around the world. This pet friendly bar has several sections. There is a section upstairs with the capacity to hold over 60 patrons. Downstairs you can enjoy the live bands and open mic sessions that happen every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Minibus To Sale Water Park

This is another interesting place to visit by bus. The lake is picturesque and there are lots of activities that visitors can enjoy taking part in here. Before 1970, the lake was a gravel pit that belonged to the Sale Old Hall. The place flooded after gravel was removed. You can take relaxing walks with children and your pets as you watch birds chirp playfully by the lakeside. There are beautiful birds including swans that you can spot at this lake.

Sales is a great place to visit as couples, families or even by yourself. There are lots of different activities you can do with your loved ones or colleagues from work. There are bars, museums, beautiful gardens or you can go jet skiing at Sale Water Park.

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