Hale Minibus Hire – Nights Out to Manchester City Center

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Hale is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the greater Manchester. It is the home to Manchester City and Manchester united. There are lots of attractions to see here for people taking Minibus Manchester bus tours. Here are some of them.

Minibus to Manchester United Museum

This is a great place for Manchester United fans and football fans in general to visit. The place gets fans from all over the world, and it recently announced it had five million visitors. You may take the time to go into the stadium of dreams and get to enjoy the fan experience. There are various exhibitions you will enjoy, especially if you are a fan. It is free to tour the museum. For a fee, you can have pictures taken with the trophies. You may take a break and enjoy what the cafés here have to offer.

Minibus to Knutsford Heritage Centre

This is a Heritage center that was built in the 17th century. It was built of timber and is located right in the middle of the town. There are beautifully manicured gardens. There is also a gift shop that is at this heritage center. There are several exhibitions that are held here every so often. The center organizes talks and demonstrations. It is also a great place to take walks. Walks are also sometimes organized by those who run this center.

Minibus taxi Pankhurst Center

This is one of the historical buildings in Manchester. It is a pair of Victorian villas that were the home of the leaders of women political leaders of the last century in Great Britain. It is where the suffragette movement was held to push for women’s right to vote in England. The very first political meetings were held here. The Pankhurst family owned this building during the Suffragette movement in the late 19th and early 20th century. It was as a result of their push for reforms here that women gained their right to vote in 1928.

Currently there is a museum and heritage center that has all the information about the suffragette movement and the Pankhurst family. The heritage center is free and is open once a week. It still serves as a community center where women can meet, discuss, learn and communicate on social and political issues that are affect them. Women organizations often meet here from time to time.

A bus tour is the best way to visit any of these places. You can visit this place with friends or family in one of our well maintained minibuses. A bus tour is more entertaining and informative. Chances are that you will not be bored as you take a trip to some of these places you’ve always wanted to visit.

Minibus Manchester ensures that your trip will be without incident. We ensure that our buses are very well maintained by a team of professionals. There are checks done before the bus departs and the bus will only leave if it is in perfect condition. You can book any of our buses online. We have packages tailored for your specific needs. Minibus Hire in Hale – minibus manchester offer airport transfers nights our in Hale cheshire and days at the races chester races aintree races york races from Hale and Hale Barns .