Minibus Hire Altrincham

Bus Tour to Altrincham with Minibus Manchester

Altrincham has great tourist attractions. There is a lot you can do with the whole family. There are many activities for adults and children where everyone can have fun. A bus tour with a professional company like Minibus Manchester will make the trip even more worthwhile. Here are some of the interesting places we can drive you through in the area.

Minibus to St Margaret’s Church

The church is situated in Durnham. It was built on what is now a vibrant rural community. The church was named in honour of Saint Margaret, who was a nun born in Hungary of a English mother.

Minibus to Garden of remembrance

Right next to the St Margaret’s Church is the garden of remembrance. The purpose of the garden is to commemorate the people of Altrincham, who died fighting in the Second World War. It is a beautiful placid garden. Memorials are often done here. Individuals also come to the garden for reflection.

Minibus to Tabley House

The Tabley house is a beautiful and imposing 18th century Palladian house. It was built between 1761 and 1769. The house is designed in Palladian style. This is a Venetian architectural style, which was popular in the 17th century in Britain. The Tabley House can be viewed from a far. It is a magnificent site even when seated in our Minibus Manchester vehicles.

Minibus to Arley Hall & Gardens

This is another beautiful garden situated in Altrincham. The historic house is as imposing as it is beautiful. The Arley Hall is an eye-catching building when viewed from a far. When you get closer, you won’t help but admire the magnificent and picturesque gardens that have been manicured to perfection. Most visitors have described the gardens as among the finest in Britain. There is a garden, a gift shop and a restaurant. The site is usually opened from March to September.

Minibus to Animals at Stockley Farm

If you love animals you will love the Stockley farm. This is an organic farm where families can get informed and entertained at the same time. It is mainly open on weekends. It also has themed weeks. Each week there is something different to see. There are cow weeks and pig weeks too.

Your whole family will get to enjoy sheep racing as the sheep run through harmless obstacles on a specially designed race track. You can even get more personal with the animals. You can bottle feed lambs and other animals on the farm with and have fun with your whole family.

Minibus to Tatton Park

Tatton Parkis another interesting site in Altrinchan. There is a neo-classical mansion you can spot here. Many people go for walks at the park. The area is quite vast. You can spot a deer from a distance. There is also the Roal Dahl scarecrows festival that happens here from time to time.

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